How Long Does a Doberman Pinscher Live?

A Doberman Pinscher who is taken good care of can live 12 to 14 years. However, this breed does have its health problems just the same as many other breeds of larger canines. Some of the problems that you may have to face with your Doberman are things like cancer, hip dysphasia, joint problems, liver problems, bloat, and dilated cardiomyopathy.

Dilated cardiomyopathy is a heart condition in which the heart of the Doberman grows to the point that it does not function properly. This heart condition also may cause other body functions to be affected or to fail. This condition can kill the Doberman suddenly without any warning.

These are all very serious health issues and conditions and some are fatal to the Doberman; therefore, it is important to have the Doberman checked by a licensed veterinarian before any purchase of a Doberman is final. There are other health issues that this breed has experienced in the past; however, most have been bred out of the Doberman breed over the past several years and should not be a major issue.

You can however have a healthy Doberman if you are a careful pet owner and do everything within your power to make sure the Doberman is properly cared for and protected from illness. Proper care consists of some of the following:

Preventative Actions 

  • Take the Doberman to the veterinarian when you get him or her and have the pet checked for health issues.
  • Let the veterinarian give the preventative shots and vaccinations, worm and heartworm medications to the Doberman.
  • Schedule regular veterinarian visits every six months to once per year.
  • Feed the Doberman proper foods (dry or homemade fresh pet foods daily).
  • Supply ample amounts of fresh water daily.
  • Exercise the Doberman daily.
  • Play with and give plenty of love and attention to the Doberman daily.

All of the above will provide the Doberman a long and healthy life of good quality years. It is your job as the Doberman’s owner and friend to provide all of these things for him or her. The times you and your Doberman spend together are precious to you. This time is also important to the Doberman as well.

It is simple to furnish all of the things that he or she needs in order to live a long and happy life with you and or your family. Moreover, each family member can have a role in the responsibility and the care, love and attention that the Doberman receives daily, as having a pet of any kind is a great deal of responsibility.

If you choose to take on the responsibility of owning one of these truly wonderful dogs, then you can expect to have many long years to enjoy living together as friends taking great care of one another. He or she will be your protector and you will be his or her protector as well.

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